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Book One in the Godkissed Bride series

We still worship the ancient fae gods and their mythical beasts, though their magic lingers within only a rare few of us: The Godkissed.


A Godkissed bride is the prize of every powerful man in Astagnon, and the Lord of Liars wants me as his. Since birth, I’ve had the ability to speak to animals, but not even they can save me when my greedy father sells me to him.


My future husband’s wealth flows from his empire of vice and sin. Everything about the Lord of Liars is a game, and now he wants to play a dark battle of wills: He commands me to ride the ten-day horseback journey to his castle naked, with only my long hair to cover me.


He means to shame me, tame me, and toy with me.


But I don’t intend to ever reach his debauched court of playthings. The only thorn in my plan is the guard he sent to protect me. Wolf Bowborn is godkissed with heightened senses to make him the perfect huntsman. He’s a beast of a man with the face of an angel, and though our ripening bond pulls us toward forbidden desire, it’s his heart or mine.


Fortunately, I have allies with wings and claws.


In a world where enemy kingdoms are locked in a war for the dying remnants of magic, danger is everywhere, and rumors buzz that the Lord of Liars wants me for more than my magic. I might be the only one who can save—or curse—Astagnon, though doing so could twist me into the thing I hate most.


Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and the Lady Godiva legend, WHITE HORSE BLACK NIGHTS is a must-read for fans of Raven Kennedy, Sarah Maas, and Jennifer Armentrout. Discover a dark fantasy romance with forbidden love and enemies-to-lovers tropes.

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