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Time for a wilde ending! This final book in the urban fantasy romance Fae of Manhattan series comes signed by the author.


Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches

Pages: 322


Book Description:


When Central Park becomes the battleground for a demon onslaught, the fae realms in Manhattan and Los Angeles are thrown into turmoil. But Willow must focus on her own problems, like the fae changeling who wants to take everything from her—including her boyfriend.

As the demonic menace gains strength, long-standing rivalries between fae courts, shifter packs, witch covens, and age-old adversaries must be set aside. And with everyone Willow holds dear at risk from her mysterious double, she'll have to decide if a future with Severn is worth the steep sacrifices—and if she'll accept his ring.

The border between the magical realm and the human one is falling, and the fate of both worlds hinges on her choice.

*SIGNED* Forever Wilde Paperback

Only 4 left in stock
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