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Cover Reveal:

The third book in the addictively romantic Castles of the Eyrie series is launching exclusively on Kindle Vella on January 22, 2023!


My Story

It's possible I was born in the wrong time. I've always been drawn to the past, the future, other worlds—basically anywhere but the here and now. I write fantasy to satisfy my nagging curiosity that there is more out there, just beyond the veil. 

Until I find a portal through a magical armoire, I'll continue writing romantic fantasies with a touch of darkness and hint of magic.

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About Me

What readers are saying

"Hugely addictive. I need the

next chapter NOW."

—Sarah L., Dallas TX

"Rangar Balendur might be my new favorite forbidden love interest."

—Jennifer Daniels, Athens GA

"Reading SCARLIGHT gave me the same chills as the first time I read RED QUEEN or Sarah J Maas's books!"

—Nevaeh Pierce, Greenville SC

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