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A new adult fantasy romance series with fated love, romantic rivalry, and Viking tones

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Castles of the Eyrie Book One


A life saved is a soul owned...

As a child, Bryn was saved from wolves by a prince from a rival kingdom. Rangar's people believe that a life saved is a soul owned, and ten years later, Rangar comes back for Bryn.


Swept away to his seaside kingdom, Bryn falls under the spell of the wild Baer lands and the three magical brothers who rule it. But which prince will end up with her hand–and her heart–not even magic can foretell.

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Castles of the Eyrie Book Two


Duty comes before love . . . or does it?

Bryn has been thrust into the center of attention—and danger—as the heir to the Mir throne. She struggles with placing duty above love, as the entire Baer kingdom must reckon with Rangar’s wrath at her decision.


But winter brings a shocking tragedy that forces Bryn and Rangar apart. As he denies vicious accusations, Bryn must disguise herself as a commoner and flee the Baersladen, posing as newlyweds with Valenden for protection.

Bryn and Rangar’s paths return them separately to Castle Mir: one as a prisoner, one as a queen, on a collision course to overthrow the usurper Captain Carr and win back her kingdom.


Castles of the Eyrie Book Three


The wolves are closing in...

Wolves have haunted Bryn since she was a child. Now, as Bryn and Rangar return to the Baersladen, they're met with danger as a savage and cursed wolf pack terrorizes villages throughout the Eyrie.

As Rangar fights to vindicate himself from those who seek to hurt him, Bryn embarks on a mage apprenticeship, utilizing her newfound skills to investigate the malevolent wolves–and which of their enemies created them to sow discord throughout the kingdoms.

Will danger and politics stand in the way of the wedding that will finally bind Bryn and Rangar forever?

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Princes of the Outlands: A Prequel Novella


Can a kiss change your fortune forever?


The three princes of the Baersladen seem to have it all: courage, strength, and good looks. But they each have one thing missing—true love.


TREI, the handsome eldest brother, is so shackled by his duty as the crown heir that he nearly loses his chance for love with the beautiful falconer whose bird seems determined to keep him away from her.


VALENDEN, the disreputable middle brother, is known throughout the kingdom for his vices: wine, women, and shirking his responsibility. But when a clever tavern wench rescues him from a drunken fight, he wonders if he’s going about romance all wrong.


RANGAR, the brooding youngest brother, cannot stop thinking about the fair-haired princess from a rival kingdom whose life he saved when they were children. Now, he must decide if he should pursue the headstrong village girl who has eyes only for him, or keep his heart fires burning for the girl he can’t seem to forget.

SCARLIGHT: The Book Trailer

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