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Welcome to Wilde Tower, Manhattan’s most private address—and home to a powerful fae court.


Book One in the Fae of Manhattan series

It was one job application...that opened a world of magic and passion.


When Willow answers a mysterious nanny ad, she’s shocked to learn the employer is the handsome and reclusive billionaire Severn Wilde—and even more surprised when he reveals himself to be a fae prince in disguise. 


Willow never dreamed that the fae bedtime stories her mother told her as a child were real. Now, Severn grants Willow the fae sight, allowing her to see the hidden magical world of the Gifted Ones. But as wondrous as his realm is, rival fae courts, witches, and shifters make it fiercely dangerous, too. Willow and the children she’s been hired to care for are targeted by Severn’s Los Angeles-based rivals and their merciless leader, who will stop at nothing to strike Severn where it hurts most—those closest to him.


Swept up in a dangerous new world, Willow discovers that the greatest risk of all might be falling for her arrogant, cold, achingly handsome employer—the one person she can’t have.


Book Two in the Fae of Manhattan series

“You don’t belong to him,” Severn growls. “You belong to me.”

How I wish that was true…but everything’s changed now.


Willow's life has been turned upside down by a cruel twist of fate. She finds herself swept away to Severn's Italian villa, seeking refuge from the powerful rival fae, Black Ember, who has claimed her for his own. However, even within the safety of Severn’s well-guarded villa, amid the masked Carnevale balls and opulent grounds, Willow cannot escape her troubles. She is plagued by dark dreams and a supernatural pull that draws her away from Severn and towards a dangerous yet alluring new court.

As Willow struggles to come to terms with these strange occurrences, secrets about her mother come to light, adding to the already overwhelming chaos in her life. Torn between the man she loves and the prince she is unwillingly bound to, Willow must find a way to protect herself and those she loves, all while navigating uncovered secrets about Severn’s past. It will take all of Willow's courage to pursue her heart’s true desire and survive the cruel world of the fae.

Available on Kindle Vella beginning with Episode 69.

Also available as an ebook, paperback, or free on Kindle Unlimited.


Book Three in the Fae of Manhattan series

“If you’re determined to think of me as your enemy, so be it. But don’t lie to yourself, Willow. A heart can crave a villain as much as a hero.”

The fae realms in Manhattan and Los Angeles have been plunged into turmoil as a demon horde launches attacks on the human world, exposing the Gifted Realm’s existence and sowing chaos. Meanwhile, Willow must focus on her own problems, like the fae changeling who wants to take everything from her—including her boyfriend.

In order to protect those she loves, she’ll have to free a cursed prisoner. She’ll have to strike a deal with dragons. She’ll have to decide if a life with Severn is worth the steep sacrifices—and if she’ll accept his ring. And, ultimately, she’ll have to resist the pull of Black Ember, who considers Willow key to shattering the laws that keep their realm hidden . . . and will have her by his side at any price.

Available on Kindle Vella beginning with Episode 108.

Also available on Sept 19, 2023 as an ebook, print, or free on Kindle Unlimited.


A Fae of Manhattan prequel novella


When nursing student Mia stumbles upon a hurt stray dog, she can’t walk on by…luckily she’s close to the underground clinic where she heals the city’s worst criminals. But for all the crazy things she’s seen there, she’s left speechless when the dog shifts into a gorgeous, cursed fae warrior.


Arrogant and possessive—and grateful to no longer have fur—Talon realizes the kind-hearted human who saved him has no idea that her employers are actually powerful fae from a rival court to his own. If his enemies discover Mia helped Talon, they’ll come for her. With knives. So Talon takes Mia to the one place she’ll be safe: Wilde Tower, the hidden headquarters of the New Court. 


But Mia isn’t ready to be locked away in luxury by a psycho claiming he’s a fae warrior—even if he rocks her carefully controlled life in the most delicious ways and makes her question the stability she thought she wanted. 


Maybe it’s time to get wilde.

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