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After one thousand years, the sleeping fae are awakening…and chaos will reign.


Promised to a villainous future king, Sabine once dreamed of forsaking everything for the huntsman who captured her heart. But Wolf’s devastating betrayal locks her in another prison: the sinful court of her betrothed. There, she forges an unexpected alliance with her future husband. He’s ambitious. Handsome. Surprisingly complex. Together, they might save the kingdom of Astagnon from a waking evil—but in harnessing her power, she risks becoming what she most despises.


Wolf believed betraying Sabine was the only way to ensure her safety. Now, tormented by the sight of another man’s ring on her finger, his role as her bodyguard keeps him achingly close to the woman he can’t have. To hide Sabine’s dangerous secret even from herself—and to stop a coming war—he ventures to the enemy’s borders. What awaits him is an explosive discovery that thrusts him into a dark past he thought was long buried.

In a dance of danger and desire, it’s more than their lives in peril—it's their hearts at war.




Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches

Pages: 452


*SIGNED* Silver Wings Golden Games Paperback

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