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Continue to discover a world of destiny and love in Scarbound, the second book in the Castles of the Eyrie series. This book is signed by the author and includes an interior map.


Size: 8 x 5 inches


Book Description:


Bryn has been thrust into the center of attention—and danger—as the heir to the Mir throne. She struggles with placing duty above love, as the entire Baer kingdom must reckon with Rangar’s wrath at her decision.


But winter brings a shocking tragedy that forces Bryn and Rangar apart. As he denies vicious accusations, Bryn must disguise herself as a commoner and flee the Baersladen, posing as newlyweds with Valenden for protection.

Bryn and Rangar’s paths return them separately to Castle Mir: one as a prisoner, one as a queen, on a collision course to overthrow the usurper Captain Carr and win back her kingdom.

*SIGNED* Scarbound Paperback

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