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Experience the explosive conclusion of Bryn and Rangar's story in Scarcrossed, the third book in the Castle of the Eyrie series. This book is signed by the author and includes an interior map.


Size: 8 x 5 inches


Book Description:


Wolves have haunted Bryn since she was a child. Now, as Bryn and Rangar return to the Baersladen, they're met with danger as a savage and cursed wolf pack terrorizes villages throughout the Eyrie.

As Rangar fights to vindicate himself from those who seek to hurt him, Bryn embarks on a mage apprenticeship, utilizing her newfound skills to investigate the malevolent wolves–and which of their enemies created them to sow discord throughout the kingdoms.

Will danger and politics stand in the way of the wedding that will finally bind Bryn and Rangar forever?

*SIGNED* Scarcrossed Paperback

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