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One winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card and a $50 Fly Paper Products gift card!


This contest is free and open to everyone within the US! (Vella is not yet available to international readers--that's an Amazon decision, not ours.)


The first 3 episodes of all Kindle Vella stories are free to read. To gain entries, read the first 3 episodes of any or all stories below and click the thumbs up symbol if you liked what you read. There is a "code word" in the Author's Note at the end of each third episode. Enter the code word in the Rafflecopter entry option below. (If you like a story, feel free to keep reading! Amazon will also give you 200 free bonus tokens so you can continue reading what you love most.) Gain bonus entries for every other activity listed on the Rafflecopter (signing up for newsletters, leaving reviews, or sharing the contest on social media.) Completion of activities will be verified before a winner is selected.

The contest opens on Oct 16, 2021. The winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter on Oct 25, 2021 and notified via email. (Of course, the more entries you earn, the greater your chances of winning!)


If you're new to Kindle Vella, it is a serialized storytelling platform where books are told through short chapters ("episodes") a little like how TV shows are told. Stories are updated on a daily or weekly basis. Episodes are unlocked with paid tokens but the first three episodes of any story are free.

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